Ag-Report Terms of Use

Agreement to the following Terms of Use is implied by signing up for, viewing, or interacting with the Ag-Report service. Please review the terms in which you are subject.

Termination of Service

The administrators of the Ag-Report service can, and will, terminate your service should your usage be found to be willfully, or unknowingly, used to abuse the service. This includes, but is not limited to, using the service for things it was not intended, sending or receiving data beyond which was intended, abusing API services, automating interaction with the service (using bots), sharing accounts, or any other interaction deemed potentially harmful to the service. Termination is at will and no notice may be sent to you should this occur. Additionally, any funds paid for services or products through this service, by you or your Organization, are non-refundable should a termination of service occur.

Ownership of Data

User submitted content is owned by the submittor, or the Organization in which they represent. However, as part of the agreement to use the Ag-Report service, a perpetual, unrevokable, non-exclusive license to use all submitted content is granted to the Ag-Report service. In essence, the service reserves the right to use user submitted content in any way it sees fit. This could include collecting and using data, pictures, or other submitted content in monetization strategies in which the owner or submitter has no claims.

Should a user or Organization willingly wish to terminate their own service, all existing content may be retained by the Ag-Report service indefinitely in some form. Though, a copy of a user's own data may be made available to that user upon written request. The Ag-Report service will attempt to provision such requests, but this effort is non-binding.

Deleting your own data manually will generally remove your data from the service. Though, in many cases, some version, copies, or altered versions may exist elsewhere in the system. Altered, cached, or monetized copies may, or may not be removed from the system through normal means.


While the service attempts to always be available and assured in operation, there are unlikely times where data loss may occur. During these times, the service, its owners, operators, and stakeholders cannot be held liable for loss of time or money involved. Our staff perform due diligence to ensure the capacity of the service, but there may be unforseen circumstances or incidents beyond our control that could result in significant loss to users. This could include, but not limited to, network complications, security incidents, general denial of services, 3rd party attacks, or other related incidents that can disrupt the service.

While using the service, it should be generally considered "safe" to use, though there is always a chance something can go wrong. It is highly encouraged that users regularly review their own data practices in the event where data loss could be a result of using the service.

Regardless of fault, the assumed risk of using the service is on the user of the service.

Data Recovery

Depending on a user's paid plan level, it may be possible to work with staff to recover data in the event of loss. Based on the nature of the incident, a recovery service may be available, but may not cover the entire duration of data loss. All cases of data loss are investigated and remediated on case-by-case basis.

Privacy Policy

It is expected that all users familiarize themselves with the Privacy Policy in regards to using the system.

Implied Agreement

Usage of the system implies agreement to this Terms of Use and its accompanied Privacy Policy. If there is disagreement, please do not use the Ag-Report service.

Last updated: 5/24/2019