Ag-Report Privacy Policy

In a world of information that is increasingly inter-connected, it is always a good idea to review what is collected and how it is shared with the world.

Information We Get From You and How We Get It

Personal information collected by the system is limited to how points of contacts are stored in the system as part of the regular usage of the system. This is generally limited to names, organizations, phone numbers, email addresses and other basic units of information as part of the system to track points of contacts.

Non-personal data collected through regular use of the web application and it's connected components (mobile apps, etc) are collected and potentially shared with interested 3rd parties. This data focuses around field conditions, scouting activities, pictures collected, GPS locations, and other non-personal data collected as a normal part of the regular use of the application.

When We Share Information / What is Shared?

Non-personal information you submit has the potential to be shared with interested 3rd parties as part of the design of the system. Where possible, the data will be shared in an aggregated form and will be attempted to be anonymized. The intent is to be able to allow for 3rd parties to perform trend analysis on larger sets of data which could collate data you collect with data other people collect.

How is The Data Protected?

Using standard role-based access controls and the power of the cloud, your data is protected from accidental data disclosure.

How Long is The Data Retained?

All data collected and utilized through the system may be retained indefinitely.

Last updated: 3/21/2019